The City of Vantaa aims to promote an open and transparent operating culture. The city takes all allega-tions of misconduct seriously. Whistleblowing channel will be published on 1 April 2023.

Anyone can use the whistleblowing channel to report suspected misconduct concerning the City of Vantaa, Vantaan Tilaapalvelut Vantti Oy, VTK Kiinteistöt Oy, Mercuria Kauppaoppilaitos Oy or other smaller companies owned by the city. Vantaan Energia Oy and VAV Group have their own whistleblowing channels.

Suspected misconduct can include violations of legislation, non-compliance with internal instructions or other unethical activities. You can report, for example, an office holder, employee, elected official or service provider regarding procurements, contracts, decision-making, grants and various services, among other things.

How is the report processed?

Whistleblowing channel will be published on 1 April 2023.

How is the report processed?

The report is processed by the City of Vantaa internal audit. Only internal audit personnel will have ac-cess to the report information. The information in the report is considered confidential. The report is always processed impartially, independently and confidentially. If necessary, internal audit can use ex-perts to determine the accuracy of the report. Serious misconduct may be referred to the police for investigation. 

The whistleblower will be informed no later than within three months of receiving the report of how the matter has been resolved or what measures have been taken based on the report.

How are personal data processed?

The personal data of the whistleblower, the subject of the report and other persons mentioned in the report shall be confidential in accordance with the provisions of the national Act on whistleblower protection. The processing of personal data is described in more detail in the respective section of the information document.  

Other things to note

The report may also be submitted by phone to the Director of Internal Audit, Pentti Asumus, tel. +358 40 070 1970, or by email to

The reporting channel is intended solely for reporting suspected misconduct. If you want to give feedback on city activities, please use the feedback channel.

The reporting channel must not be used for inappropriate purposes. A person who deliberately provides false information may be held criminally responsible.

Whistleblower protection 

The whistleblowing channel is based on the Act on whistleblower protection (“Whistleblower Act”) entered into force on 1 January 2023. The Whistleblower Act protects the reporting person and prevents the employer from retaliating against the whistleblower. For example, an employer may not worsen a whistleblower’s terms of employment, dismiss them, or lay them off because of their report. The Office of the Chancellor of Justice’s Whistleblower protection webpage provides more detailed information on situations where whistleblowers can receive protection.

More information

Pentti Asumus

City of Vantaa
Director of Internal Audit
040 070 1970