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The City of Vantaa has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Furthermore, several departments and service points have accounts of their own on social media. Follow our social media channels to see what’s happening in Vantaa!

Ihminen istuu puistossa selaamassa kännykkää.

The communications units of the city's departments are responsible for maintaining the city's social media channels. The City of Vantaa’s main social media channels are named as @vantaankaupunki, and City Strategy and Management’s Information unit is responsible for them 

We follow the discussions on our social media accounts and try to answer questions as soon as possible during office hours. 

Because of data protection reasons, we cannot answer questions including personal or sensitive data. You should not disclose your personal data on social media, not even in a private message. If you need personal guidance or wish to give feedback on a private matter, use the OmaVantaa service, address:, or contact Vantaa Info, tel. 09 83911, email: Check out Vantaa Info’s website on 

We require adherence to good netiquette rules on our social media channels and we moderate our channels according to good netiquette.

Rules of good netiquette

The contents of the City of Vantaa’s social media channels are meant for everybody interested in the city's activities and services. Therefore, it is important for us that all visitors to our social media accounts feel safe. Everybody has the right to ask or comment without having to fear of being subjected to inappropriate behavior.

We will hide or remove from our social media accounts comments that:

  • contain a lot of vulgar expressions or that call others with offensive names.
  • urge illegal behavior, or distribute illegal material, or refer others to illegal or inappropriate material.
  • are threatening.
  • are racist or in any other way diminish the human dignity of other people.
  • sell or market a product or service.
  • are based on fake news, disinformation, or conspiracy theories.
  • include links whose safety we cannot guarantee.

We will also remove recurring comments of similar nature. In addition, we will hide or remove from our social media accounts comments that include the commentator's or another person’s personal data, or that otherwise violate data protection. Furthermore, we retain the right to prevent inauthentic profiles or profiles created for the purpose of harassment. We will report all kind of serious threats and harassment to the police. ​

The administrators of the accounts have the right to prevent a user from commenting on or accessing the contents of the accounts, if the user repeatedly acts against the rules or encourages others to do so. We aim to warn about minor breaches before taking other measures. ​

We wish to reach as many people as possible who are interested in the City of Vantaa’s activities, services, and decisionmaking. Therefore, we conduct targeted advertising on social media. We cannot see the individuals that have clicked on our advertisements, and neither can we see any other personal data linked to individual users. You can read more about the subject on's data protection chapter. Read more about the rules of social media competitions below.

Competitions on Vantaa’s social media accounts


City of Vantaa
Business ID: 0124610–9
Registry's mailing address: PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki


By participating in a competition, the participant is obliged to comply with these rules, the decisions related to the competition, as well as other terms and conditions on the participation website.

All private persons can participate in the competitions.

The participation period is defined competition-specifically.

The participation principles are defined in communications related to the competition (publication).

If the participation principle is a photo or video, they must comply with good taste. A photo or a video may not violate any person’s privacy or copyright. By sharing a photo or a video, the participant ensures that they have the right to its contents, as well as permission to publish them. People displayed on a photo or video must have given their consent to publishing the photo or video in question.

Prizes and winning:

The prizes are separately defined for each competition. The prizes will be announced in communications related to the competition in question (publication).

We aim to contact the winners through the channel on which the competition was arranged. If the winner cannot be contacted within a reasonable time (at max. 14 days), the prize may be transferred to the person who came next.

The prizes will not be mailed abroad.

Processing of personal data and right to publish them:

Vantaa uses information documents, required by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, devised for registered service packages. You can read the social media competition’s information document to find out how your data will be handled.

By participating in a competition, the participants grant the organizer of the competition the right to publish their names on the website in connection with publishing the winners.

If the condition for participation was sharing photos and images, the materials sent to the competition may be published on all the city's social media channels in connection with the competition as well as after.


The organizers reserve the right to change the contents and rules of the competitions, as well as potentially cancel them by announcing the cancelations on the same channel as the one on which the competition was organized. 

The participants must themselves check that they are transacting with official City of Vantaa social media websites.

Social media channels will not participate in arranging the competitions.

Breach of rules and any kind of manipulation of participation will result in nullification of participation.

We reserve the right to exceptions and changes. We try to solve problems and disputes by negotiation. Appropriate requests will be accounted for.

Contact us:

If you have any questions or if you notice inappropriate behavior on our accounts, contact the City of Vantaa's Information unit.

Questions about all channels:
Main channels: @vantaankaupunki,​: SMS messages on social media

Thank you for your understanding - welcome to our websites and social media accounts!