Welfare Work in Pre-primary Education

The aim of the welfare work is to create a healthy and safe learning environment. The mission is to promote the welfare of the whole community and strengthen its operational culture. A functional community has a safe and trusting environment.

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Pupil welfare in pre-primary education is primarily preventive, community welfare work. Precautionary communal welfare work which includes supporting the wellbeing of the pre-primary community with the help of various methods. In addition, the child is entitled to individual welfare work. Individual welfare work which includes the counseling bureau's health services, psychologist and curator services, and the services of a multidisciplinary team of experts.

 A central goal of the welfare work is to create a solid base for learning through tight cooperation between pre-primary education and basic education.

Communal pupil welfare

The aim of communal pupil welfare is to advance positive interaction in the pre-primary education community, create and maintain a safe and equal atmosphere and grouping, notice and appreciate the different languages in the group of children, and promote children's involvement. These are developed and carried out in collaboration with the children and guardians.

Issues related to the pre-primary education community’s general welfare are handled by the collective welfare group (CWG). This group convenes by local smaller areas and includes the directors of daycare centres that provide pre-primary education in the area, representatives of early childhood education teachers working in pre-primary education, psychologist, school social worker, public health nurse, school representative, and guardian representative. Guardians can ask the daycare centre’s director about the possibility of participating in CWG activities.

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Individual pupil welfare

Individual pupil welfare aims to monitor and promote the child’s welfare and comprehensive growth, development, and health together with the child and their guardian(s). In matters related to the child, guardians can also benefit from the services by the school’s social worker, psychologist, and child health clinic nurse. If required to improve the child’s situation, a multidisciplinary expert group may be convened with permission from guardian(s).

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Pre-primary education social worker