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Did you know that residents have the right to participate in and influence the activities of the municipality under the Local Government Act and the Vantaa Administrative Regulation?

The aim of interaction, influence and inclusion is to ensure the well-being of local residents and their ability to live unique lives in Vantaa. Resident participation also reinforces the sense of community and solidarity within different local communities. At its best, resident participation is a dialogue between the municipality and the resident that generates genuine opportunities to influence one’s environment and the decisions of the municipality. A thriving urban culture is created through the locals’ own activities.

Vantaa offers residents a wide range of opportunities to participate in and influence the municipality’s activities. You can respond to surveys and comment on projects at, give feedback, make suggestions, contact your representatives in the City Council, committees and influencing bodies, participate in various events and workshops, and follow the city’s activities through various channels. By participating in voluntary activities, visiting residential activity facilities and organising events, you can build a city that represents you and your community. Click on the links to find out more about different activities!

Osallistuva Vantaa programme

The Osallistuva Vantaa programme navigates resident participation in Vantaa. The aim of the programme is to ensure that the residents of Vantaa can participate actively in their own lives and experience a sense of unity in the city and their surrounding area. This means that residents have communities where they can be active and are valued, and that they have the opportunity to actively influence the city and society.

The City of Vantaa ensures systematically that local people have the opportunity to engage in municipal activities in a timely and interactive manner. The resident participation of each sector is governed by the sector’s own participation plan.

Inclusion services

The role of the inclusion services is to coordinate and develop inclusion work in Vantaa. The inclusion services team helps local people find opportunities and channels for participation and engagement. In addition, the team provides expertise for various city projects and organises inclusion training.

You can reach the team by email at

More information

Arttu Antila

Inclusion Coordinator
043 825 7436

Tommi Ostrovskij

Inclusion Coordinator
043 824 8694

Mari Lehtoruusu

Inclusion Expert
040 610 5368


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