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In the planning of streets and parks, the City of Vantaa considers the needs of residents, nature and the built environment in a way that is sustainable and increases attractiveness.

Åvikin leikkipaikka Tikkurilanrannassa.

Local residents can influence the planning of streets and parks both during the planning phase and the official display period of the plans. Especially the owners of the properties adjacent to the targeted park or street will be informed of the plans.

Participation during the planning phase

Before the planning begins, the owners or holders of properties bordering the street or park will be informed by letter of the start of the project. The letter indicates the estimated planning time, the persons responsible for the planning work and their contact details. Regarding matters that may impact the planning process, you can contact the persons responsible for the planning.

You can also visit the City of Vantaa’s website to explore ongoing street and park planning projects.

Residents’ forums and online surveys are organised regarding the planning projects, depending on the nature of the plan. Information about the events is published on the city's website and on Facebook. Property owners and holders are also informed of the events by letter.

You can express your opinion and ask questions about the plans by taking part in the events, answering surveys regarding the plans or by contacting the persons responsible for the planning.

Display period

After the completion of street and park plans, the plans will be displayed for two weeks on the city's website and at Tikkurila’s Vantaa Info.

During the display period, it is possible to protest the plan.

The owners and holders of the properties bordering the planned area are informed of the display of the plans and their right to protest the plans. The notification is sent as a standard letter. The notification is considered to have been brought to the attention of the parties concerned if it has been posted at least one week before the display of the plans.


According to the City of Vantaa’s administrative regulations, if no protests are made during the display period, the city engineer approves street and park plans with an estimated cost of less than EUR 1 million (VAT 0%).

The Urban Space Committee approves plans that cost more than EUR 1 million (VAT 0%), as well as street and park plans that have been protested during the display period.

Please note that only the parties concerned (the properties bordering the street or park concerned) have a right to appeal against an approval of a plan.


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