Rental plots for single-family homes



The City of Vantaa has leased residential plots for single-family homes.

Värikkäitä omakotitaloja Kivistössä.

The city has leased about 450 residential plots for single-family homes. The lease conditions are laid down in the land lease agreement of each plot. This page provides information on the management of leased plots.

Transfer of the land lease

Provided that the land lease agreement permits it, the tenant may transfer their land lease without the consent of the City of Vantaa. A new tenant must apply for registration of their lease from the National Land Survey of Finland.

Immediately after the transfer of the lease, the new tenant must provide the city with a copy of the deed of transfer or other document of title, as well as a new billing address for the lease. Please see the bottom of this page for contact details.

Redemption of rental plots

Some land lease agreements include a right to redeem the plot. The possibility of redeeming a plot should always be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For the most part, only land leases signed between 2007 and 2011 include the right to redeem the land at a price equal to the annual redemption price set by the city.

More information

Juho Lumme

Land Use Engineer
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Anne Nikola

Financial Secretary
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invoicing of plot rents


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