Bilingual pre-primary education

Enrollment for pre-primary education, it is possible to apply for Swedish language immersion, English-enriched pre-primary education or English-speaking pre-primary education.

Lapsia luokkahuoneessa.

Swedish language immersion

Swedish language immersion begins in early childhood education or pre-primary education and lasts until the end of basic education. Language immersion teachers speak Swedish with children. The teachers uses the Finnish language with the guardians. The objective of language immersion is to achieve a functional proficiency in Swedish language.

English-enriched pre-primary education

English-enriched pre-primary education helps create natural opportunities for children to gain interest in languages and encountering different cultures through the daily life of pre-primary education.

Pre-primary education in English

The operations of English-speaking pre-primary education are designed in a way that combines the bilingual pre-primary education so that both languages remain present and improve gradually after the teacher's modelling and the children's active learning. The objective is to give the children the competence to continue their studies both in English and in Finnish.


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