City strategy: The Vantaa of Innovations

City strategy, The Vantaa of Innovations, is the key to everything that is being done and developed in our city. We are working together with local residents and all operators in Vantaa to build a good city.

 A colorful illustration depicting Vantaa's new strategy.

Vantaa was chosen as the European Rising Innovative City in 2021. In our City Strategy for 2022–2025, we will continue to develop new solutions and shape Vantaa into the best city it can be. A variety of the City’s interest groups, residents and businesses took part in the preparation of the strategy.

The strong focuses of the strategy include the wellbeing and equality of the local population. Our goal is to support people in the various phases of their lives, ensure a successful transition into the wellbeing services county model and bridge welfare gaps. Another key strategic theme is learning in all phases of life. The importance of competence and learning is identified from the perspectives of equality, vitality and the integration of people who speak a foreign language.

In its strategy, Vantaa also pays attention to the shared challenges of society. Among the most important of these are climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Vantaa is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Vantaa’s values and operating principles

Focus areas

The Vantaa of Innovations is focused on measures that support happy, empathetic, comfortable, communal and sustainable daily living.

The strategy specifies the following six focuses, including their goals, which dictate the city’s work:

  • Financially sustainable and vital city
  • Good residence-oriented services
  • Preventing inequality
  • Resource-smart and carbon-neutral Vantaa
  • Thriving city centers
  • Meaningful work by active leadership

Strategic themes

More information

Matti Ruusula

Director of Finance and Strategy
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Vesa Kokkonen

Strategy and Research Manager
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