Options in Basic education


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Vantaa offers students many different ways to learn and study.

Lapset istuvat rivissä ja soittavat kitaraa.

In Vantaa it is possible to study e.g. basic education in English or in Swedish language immersion, in Music classes, in Montessori teaching, in Working life-oriented teaching (TEPPO) or participate in Urhea activities

Basic education in English

A student can complete their schooling entirely in English. Teaching in English is intended for students whose mother tongue is English or who otherwise have sufficient language skills to cope with the studies.

Swedish language immersion

Swedish language immersion begins in early childhood education or pre-primary education and lasts until the end of basic education. Language immersion teachers speak Swedish with children. The teachers uses the Finnish language with the guardians. The objective of language immersion is to achieve a functional proficiency in Swedish language.

Montessori teaching

Montessori teaching is a teaching method where functional teaching material facilitates the learner's individualised and unhurried progress. Montessori teaching is available for grades 1-6. Vantaa doesnot provide Montessori teaching for grades 7-9.

Music classes for 3rd-9th grades

Music class education starts in the third grade and continues throughout basic education even if the school changes in between. Music classes accept students that are interested in music and who have the prerequisites to study music. Vantaa has music classes in several different schools around the city.

Working life-oriented teaching (TEPPO)

Working life-oriented basic education familiarises students with working life already during their basic education. The studies of working-life oriented basic education alternate on-the-job training periods at workplaces with teaching at school.

Urhea activities

Urhea activities in Vantaa lower secondary schools support the coordination of schooling and athletics of children and young people that take part in goal-oriented athletic operations organised by sports societies. All 7th–9th grades in Vantaa basic education, both in lower secondary and comprehensive schools, are included in Urhea activities.


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