Housing types in Vantaa



The City of Vantaa aims to ensure that every resident finds a home that meets their needs and is within their financial reach. The housing options range from urban blocks of flats to single-family homes in verdant areas.

Värikkäitä kerrostaloja Kivistössä.

Vantaa offers a wide range of housing types. The city's housing stock includes owner-occupied and right-of-occupancy homes as well as rental homes. More than half of homes in Vantaa are in blocks of flats, and the rest are single-family houses or terraced houses.

Rental apartments and houses

Vantaa has a wide range of houses and apartments for rent. About one third of the city's housing stock consists of rental apartments and houses, ranging from small studios to single-family detached homes.

Rental apartments and houses are provided by non-profit organisations, the public sector, companies and private landlords. You can apply for a rental apartment directly from the landlord with the landlord’s own application form. Each landlord chooses their tenants independently.

Right-of-occupancy apartments

A right-of-occupancy apartment is a mix between an owner-occupied apartment and a rental apartment. All persons aged 18 or over may apply for a right-of-occupancy apartment. Wealth limits do not apply to applicants aged 55 or over.

To receive a right-of-occupancy apartment, you must pay a right-of-occupancy fee. In addition, the resident pays a monthly occupancy fee comparable to rent.

The right-of-occupancy apartment will remain the resident's as long as they wish. Upon leaving the house, the right-of-occupancy fee will be returned. A right-of-occupancy apartment cannot be redeemed.

Housing for special groups

Many special groups, such as the elderly, disabled, homeless, young people and people with mental or substance abuse problems, have special housing needs.  

Vantaa offers several housing options for special groups, from temporary housing solutions to permanent and intensive service housing.

Single-family homes

All the major regions of Vantaa offer great opportunities for living in a single-family home.

The city enables the building of single-family homes by providing builders with plots in various districts. In addition, private landowners sell and lease land for the construction of single-family houses.


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