The city distributes grants to support events and activities that make Vantaa a better place to live in. Organizations' operating grants and artist grants must be applied for during their specific application periods, target grants can be applied for throughout the year. Various employment subsidies are also available.


Remote info on year 2023 grants on Jan 18, 2023

There will be an information event on year 2023 grants on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 17:00 onward. The event will be a Teams meeting by remote access. We will send a participation link to all those who have registered for the event, as well as instructions for participating in the Teams meeting.

Program of the event:

Common part at 17:00-17:30  

  • Opening of the event and current issues related to the city's grants / joint services manager Leena Rusanen  
  • Reform of the grant-application system / project manager Päivi Malmsten  

Grant-specific small groups at 17:30-18:30  

  • Presenting the types of grants  
  • Representatives of associations can pose questions to the preparers and receive counseling

The public notice on year 2023 grants will be published at the beginning of January.

Organizational grants and scholarships in 2022

The application periods for the 2022 grants and the deadlines for submitting applications will be announced in an official announcement. 

Grants are applied for by submitting an application in the electronic transaction service in Oma Vantaa. An application submitted in Oma Vantaa will be transferred electronically to the City of Vantaa Registry. The designated application form for each type of grant is only visible in the Oma Vantaa service during the grant application period. Grant use confirmation forms are also available in the Oma Vantaa service.  

If it is not possible to submit a grant application through the Oma Vantaa transaction service, the grant application can be submitted to Vantaa Info offices during their opening hours or delivered by mail to the City of Vantaa Registry Office: PO Box 1100, 01030 City of Vantaa, or by e-mail: The opening hours of Vantaa Info and any exceptional opening hours are announced on the Vantaa Info page. The application form to be submitted to the sites is available from the contact persons for the types of grants.   

Applications submitted on the Oma Vantaa transaction service and submitted with other supporting documents must be received at the return points by the deadline given or the application is considered late.  

The grant application system will change towards spring 2023

The grant applicant can already prepare for the change now.

The authorization will be introduced in the new service. Associations applying for project and operating grants must ensure that the associations’ signers are correctly entered in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s Register of Associations. Instructions will become more precise during the spring 2023.

When the new system is introduced, the Oma Vantaa transaction folder will be disabled. Applicants should collect the necessary old applications and usage reports from Oma Vantaa. 

In 2022 and early 2023, grants will still be applied for through Oma Vantaa. The new service will start towards the spring 2023. 

Principles for awarding grants

The general principles for awarding grants and the principles and guidelines for each type of grant are followed in applying for and awarding grants. Grant-specific award principles and instructions can be found on the grant-specific pages and in the lower section “Grants available on an ongoing basis.” 

Information on grants awarded can be found in the minutes of the interinstitutional meetings. Grants for sports, culture, and youth, as well as grants for the promotion of well-being and health and for local civic activities, are generally decided by the Urban Culture Committee. 

Grants available on an ongoing basis and suitable for organizing events

City marketing support for major cultural events and festivals is intended to strengthen and market the visibility of the City of Vantaa in connection with a major cultural event in Vantaa. The grant is applied for with a free-form application and the application period has not been determined in advance. 

Targeted grants for artistic and cultural events are awarded for the organization of artistic and cultural events and Independence Day celebrations in Vantaa. Applications for targeted grants will be considered at the January, April, and September meetings of the Urban Culture Committee. The grant application must be submitted no later than 21 days before the start of the supported activity and 21 days before the meeting of the Urban Culture Committee at which the application is to be considered.  

Leisure time sports instructor support is granted to leisure time sports instructor support for instructor compensation for recreational sports activities in Vantaa. The grant application must be submitted no later than 21 days before the start of the activity to be supported. 

Targeted grants for youth activities are project grants, camp grants, youth activity grants, start-up grants, partnership grants. The grant application must be submitted no later than 21 days before the start of the activity to be supported.  

Targeted grants for local civic activities are awarded for activities that promote community and inclusion and enliven communities in different parts of Vantaa. Grants are awarded, for example, for the organization of village parties and residents' events, as well as for other innovative projects. The grant application must be submitted no later than 21 days before the start of the activity to be supported and 21 days before the meeting of the Urban Culture Committee at which the application is to be considered. 

Read more about the grants available on an ongoing basis on the pages of different types of grants. 

Employment aid

The City of Vantaa offers support for the employment of the unemployed and young people. 


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