With car and bicycle parking practices, Vantaa aims to promote the attractiveness and accessibility of the services in the district centres and the use of sustainable modes of transport, such as cycling and public transport.

Kadun varteen pysäköityjä autoja Kivistössä.

Private organisations are mainly responsible for organising parking in Vantaa. Residents park their cars either in their own or rented parking spaces. Shops, shopping centres and other services usually have parking spaces outside the building or in separate parking facilities.

Each property organises necessary parking services, either independently or in cooperation with other properties. Vantaa has parking standards that require properties to build a minimum number of parking spaces.

Parking on the roadside is permitted for guest and other temporary parking needs, provided that this happens without disturbing traffic and without endangering road safety.

Parking areas require a lot of space and building parking spaces is expensive, so the aim is to increase the efficient use of existing parking spaces both by limiting the use of parking spaces and the duration of parking, as well as by allowing night parking on the city’s properties.

Parking fees

How to park in a paid parking space?

District parking pilot in Kivistö, Keimolanmäki and Kaskela

New temporary parking areas have been opened in Kivistö, Keimolanmäki and Kaskela. The parking areas are mainly areas awaiting housing construction, and they will be used for parking until at least the end of 2022. During autumn 2022, a decision will be made on the possible continuation of use.

Park & Ride sites for cars

Vantaa has Park & Ride sites at most railway stations. By spring 2022, parking for 16 hours in any of Vantaa’s Park & Ride sites will require a either a valid HSL or VR ticket or a one-time ticket.

In the B-zone stations and in Tikkurila, Park & Ride parking costs EUR 1 in addition to the public transport ticket. For an extra fee, you can park up to 48 hours in Vantaa's Park & Ride sites.

The HSL website contains more detailed information on the different Park & Ride areas. See HSL’s instructions on how to park at a Park & Ride site.


Bicycle parking

The city organises bicycle parking at public transport terminals and major stops, as well as near public services. The city also aims to promote bicycle parking near workplaces, residential buildings and commercial services. The City of Vantaa's master plan for bicycle parking guides the further planning of bicycle parking in public street areas.

The city has received a government grant for promoting walking and cycling for 2021 and 2022. It is used to improve bicycle parking. The project will create 1,000 new high-quality bicycle parking spaces for central areas in Vantaa.

More detailed and up-to-date information on the various Park & Ride areas can be found on the HSL website. See HSL’s instructions on how to park at a Park & Ride site.


Other car parking

Parking at the airport

Airport parking is managed by Finavia. More information about parking at the airport.

Lorry parking areas

Vantaa is a logistics hub, and there is also plenty of heavy traffic in the area. Lorries can be parked mainly in private parking and terminal areas. In different parts of Vantaa, the City has also reserved some time-limited parking spaces for lorries.

In compliance with the Road Traffic Act and traffic signs, parking may also be possible elsewhere, but the City hopes that when parking in residential areas the local residents and the environment are taken into account.

Parking of car club vehicles

In the central areas of Vantaa, a car club vehicle can be parked with the car club's parking permit. Car clubs promote sustainable mobility and reduce the need for ownership and parking.

A vehicle which has a parking permit may be parked in parking spaces marked with additional panels free-of-charge or for a longer period than the maximum time on the traffic sign, but not more than 48 hours.

Car clubs that meet the requirements and offer their services openly to everyone, can apply for a parking permit. See the criteria for granting parking permits for car club vehicles.

The parking permit is vehicle-specific and free-of-charge until 31 December 2024.


Electric car charging

Vantaa has built numerous charging points for electric cars. Parking facilities, the airport, sports parks, shopping centres and other commercial properties have electric car charging points for public use.

You can find the charging points for electric cars in the Vantaa area on the charging map compiled by Sähköautoilijat ry.