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The next municipal parliamentary election will take place in the spring of 2023. After the election, the new government will compile a government program for itself. The government program outlines the goals and procedures over the government's operating period.
The City of Vantaa has compiled its own goals that aim to influence the future government’s outlines. Our goals present issues that are important for the success of both Vantaa and the society as a whole during the next electoral term. We are also partnering with the metropolitan area, the six biggest cities, and the C21 cities. These goals will be published also on this site.

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We need

  • new forms of cooperation and secure funding for growth
  • education and employment to improve equality, especially in areas with a risk of increasing inequality
  • rail connections for a sustainable social structure, and
  • air transport to ensure Finland’s accessibility and international connections (Avia network’s objectives).

Large cities are tasked with promoting these objectives. For this, we need support from the Government.

Värikkäitä piirroshahmoja.

The future society needs new forms of cooperation and secure funding for growth

Finland’s largest cities support the country’s competitiveness and economy. The most effective solutions for the critical green and digital transitions are made in the cities. The vitality of large cities is crucial for Finland’s vitality and competitiveness as a whole.

The success of our society and the operating conditions of the cities must be ensured as follows:

Education and employment should be used to improve equality in areas with a risk of increasing inequality

Children need a safe environment, and early childhood education needs trained professionals to guarantee the quality of service. A sufficient number of student places and work-based immigration ensure an adequate skilled workforce. For young people, a study place is a safeguard for the future. With well-functioning employment and economic development (TE) services and adequate provision of student places, we can build a better future for all by securing work, competence and wellbeing.

The best measures to ensure a level playing field for all and develop employment and competence include the following:

Rail connections for a sustainable social structure

Sustainable urban development relies on well-functioning, low-emission public transport and housing that considers the needs of residents and the environment. Improving the competitiveness of Vantaa and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area requires investments, especially in sustainable mobility and the digitalisation of travel chains. A well-functioning transport infrastructure promotes carbon neutrality objectives, densifies the city structure, improves accessibility and ensures the functioning of the labour market. Vantaa is planning a light rail line, and there are several good reasons to support cities’ reliance on rail transport.

Carbon neutrality and urban structure development should be promoted as follows:

Air transport secures Finland’s connectivity and international connections – Avia network’s objectives for the Government Programme

  • Finland should strongly influence the formulation of aviation climate targets and regulatory developments in the global and EU-level aviation sector and promote the introduction of new technologies.
    • Finland should emphasise sustainability as a competitive factor and actively contribute to implementing the EU’s distribution obligation of new aviation fuels. Finland should promote the introduction of new technologies to strengthen the sustainability of air transport and tourism.
  • The competitiveness of Finnish air transport should be ensured. It must not be undermined by higher costs than in the rest of the EU or by a national air transport emissions tax.
  • ​​​​​​​The further planning of the Airport Rail Link project should be promoted as part of the planning of the Suomirata, with an implementation decision to be made as the planning progresses.
  • ​​​​​​​The state should contribute 30% of the funding for the Vantaa Light Rail, improving the accessibility of the airport.
  • ​​​​​​​Travel chains that seamlessly connect different modes of transport should be developed comprehensively using digitalisation and common digital tools.
  • ​​​​​​​The Government should launch a project to create a tourism cluster and an integrated tourism ecosystem.
    • Decision-making in the tourism sector should be made more coherent by increasing inter-ministerial cooperation. Finland’s country image work should be strengthened with a special focus on tourism and culture, and tourism marketing resources should be increased on par with the other Nordic countries.
  • ​​​​​​​A state investment grant of EUR 8.5 million plus an annual EUR 860,000 consisting of a discretionary grant and state contribution from the Ministry of Education and Culture should be reserved for implementing the New Aviation Museum project.


Vantaa’s Government Programme objectives

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