Social Emergency and Crisis Center

Social Emergency and Crisis Center provides acute psychosocial help in shocking life situations around the clock. The customer him/herself, or his/her relative or friend can seek help. The services are free of charge.

  • Social Emergency and Crisis Center, tel. 09 8392 4005
  • We are available 24/7 throughout the year

Vantaa Social Emergency and Crisis Center will be responsible for Kerava region’s social emergency and crisis center tasks as of November 6.

During office hours, that is, from 8:00 to 16:00, you will reach Kerava social services’ professionals and those in charge of issues related to families with children by calling 09 29 49 2120.

Social emergencies

Contact us when:

  • a social emergency demands immediate action. For example, domestic violence, a caregiver's sudden illness, or a situation that threatens the safety of a child.
  • you submit a child welfare report outside office hours.

Crisis center

Contact us when:

  • you face an acute crisis situation, e.g., if you are subjected to violence; if your relative or friend dies; if you or a relative or a friend of yours falls sick; accidents
  • you face another sudden crisis

The aim of crisis help is to find solutions and resources for coping with a crisis situation. It is short-term help. After that, a person receiving crisis help is referred to follow-up care, if required.

Police social work

During office hours, the police department has a social worker, whose work focuses on minors suspected of having committed a crime and on cases of domestic violence.

Psychosocial support in catastrophes

The unit is continuously prepared for catastrophes and responsible for arranging psychosocial support in case of accidents and disasters.

  • Psycho-social support consists of psychological first-aid and acute social services.
  • Vantaa's Social Emergency and Crisis Center is authorized by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to provide nationwide psycho-social services.