Health Centers

NOTE! Health center's joint appointment service and call-back service are temporarily open:

9.1. 8:00-10:00
23.1. 8:00-10:00
30.1. 8:00-10:00

Health centers are normally open from Mondays to Fridays, from 8 to 16.
Health centers’ joint appointment service on weekdays from 8 to 12,
tel. 09 839 50000
Health counseling in Vantaa is available on weekdays from 8 to 16,
tel. 09 839 10023.

You can choose which day clinic to go to

Did you fall ill suddenly? Patients with no personal doctor can freely choose the day clinic where they want to go to among all the health centers in Vantaa.

In non-urgent cases, go to your own health center.

If you have a personal doctor, always go to your own health center (also in urgent cases).

If you are not a resident of Vantaa but have chosen a Vantaa health center and notified this in writing, continue to use only this original health center of your choice also in the future.

Health centers provide you with urgent medical care during office hours. In urgent cases, please contact your health center preferably early in the morning.

Health centers also provide non-urgent health care by doctors, nurses and public-health nurses. In non-urgent cases, go to your own health center.

In addition, health centers have various services by referral such as depression, substance-abuse and diabetes nurses' appointments, rehabilitation and therapy services, as well as birth control and family-planning counseling bureau. Furthermore, health centers provide hearing tests and sight tests, vaccinations, as well as medical supplies and technical aids.

If you need urgent health care outside office hours, or in case of acute and severe illnesses around the clock, contact Peijas Hospital, Sairaalakatu 1, 01400 Vantaa, tel. 116 117.

In case of an emergency, call the Emergency Response Centre on 112.