The distribution of face masks to the poorest and the most vulnerable

The City of Vantaa distributes free face masks to the poorest and to those in most vulnerable situation in accordance with the government's decision in principle. Other residents of Vantaa are to purchase their masks themselves.

This information is also available in several other languages: Finnish, Swedish, Albanian, Arabic, Estonian, Russian and Somali.

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The distribution of masks is based on trust, in other words, it will not be necessary for you to prove your poverty at the distribution site. The distribution at the city’s agencies started on Thursday, 20 August.

The caretakers and/or security guards will distribute the masks at the following agencies of the city during the opening hours of the unit:

  • Katriina Hospital, Katriinankuja 4
  • Hakunila Health Center, Laukkarinne 4
  • Länsimäki Health Center, Keilakuja 1
  • Koivukylä Health Center, Karsikkokuja 15
  • Myyrmäki Health Center, Jönsaksentie 4
  • Tikkurila Health Center, Kielotie 11A
  • Verso, Vernissakatu 8, 1st floor.

Masks will also be distributed at Mannerheim League for Child Welfare offices:

  • Koivukylä meeting place, Karsikkokuja 17
  • Hakunila community house, Laukkarinne 6, 3rd floor.

Note! Masks will not be distributed at the Martinlaakso Coronavirus Health Center.

The following instances will also distribute masks to their own customers:

  • Myyrmäki Substance Abuse Outpatient Clinic, Liesikuja 7B, 2nd floor.
  • Tikkurila Substance Abuse Outpatient Clinic, Kielotie 20C, 2nd floor.
  • Alvi Ry
  • Auttava sydän
  • Elämänlaatu ry
  • Hakunila village association ry
  • Hakunilan Kansainvälinen yhdistys
  • Hakunilan Mielenterveysseura ry / Ystävänkammari
  • Joosua Missio
  • Korso food service association ry
  • Korson Työttömät ry
  • Martinlaakso village association
  • R3 Immigrant Youth Support Association ry
  • Somfin ry
  • Takaisin Elämään ry
  • Tikkurila club house ESKOT ry
  • Tusmo ry
  • Vahti ry
  • Vantaa’s A-Kilta ry KILTAKOTI
  • Vantaa’s A-Kilta ry
  • Vantaan’s A-Kilta ry - Myyrmäki
  • Vantaan järjestörinki ry
  • Vantaan Kuuloyhdistys ry
  • Vantaa’s mental health association Hyvät tuulet
  • Vantaan työnhakijat ry
  • Hakunila’s Kotikirkko
  • Liesikappeli
  • West Vantaa’s vapaaseurakunta
  • Vantaa’s Kotikirkko

In addition, the following, among others, will distribute masks to those of their clients who are part of the target group: Vantaa’s own housing services as well as employment and daytime activity.

You can find answers to questions and instruction on how to use the face mask on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website.

// Updated November 27th, 2020: Masks are no longer distributed at the Korso Health Center.

Published: 21.8.2020 
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