Enroll in Havukoski, Länsimäki or Mikkola participatory budgeting workshop

Mikkolassa naiset lyövät kättä yhteen, kuvaaja: Jaana Åberg

Participatory budgeting, that is, a process where residents get to decide on developing their own area with a sum of €50,000, is taking place in Havukoski, Länsimäki, and Mikkola. A sum of €50,000 has been allocated for developing each of the three districts. The ideas suggested by residents will be further developed in workshops, open to everybody, in Mikkola on August 18, in Havukoski on August 24, and in Länsimäki on August 25.

The theme of the Our Havukoski, Our Länsimäki, and Our Hakunila projects is developing the neighborhood. In April-May, residents submitted almost 300 ideas. During the summer, all the ideas were responded to on the osallistu.vantaa.fi website. The workshops will handle ideas submitted by the residents. Feasible ideas will be combined, modeled and specified, so that the end result is plans that will be voted on. For instance, if there are several wishes for more benches, the ideas may be combined into a single plan.

The further development workshops will be held as follows:

Aug. 19, at 17:30–19:30, Mikkola workshop

Aug. 24, at 17:30–19:30, Havukoski workshop

Aug. 25, at 17:30–19:30, Länsimäki workshop

Because the coronavirus is in its acceleration phase, the workshops will be arranged as remote events, through the Team application. In order to participate, you need a PC, tablet, or smartphone, and an email address to which the participation link will be sent. You need no earlier experience in using the Teams application.

Enroll in the workshops by August 17 online at: https://osallistuvavantaa.fi/q/6jml96xna9zb (in Finnish). All residents are welcome to join and develop the ideas together. You can participate in a workshop, even if you had not submitted any idea yourself.

After the workshops, the plans can still be commented on online in early September. After this, the plans will be voted on. From September 22 to October 17, the residents can vote on which plans will be implemented in 2022.

Published: 4.8.2021 
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