Asukasfoorumi events


Democracy and Inclusion

Asukasfoorumi is a biannual event where the city administration meets in one part of the city to interact with the residents and discuss the topical issues in that area.

The city administration’s biannual discussion forum held in different parts of Vantaa brings together the city administration, experts and residents of the area to discuss topical themes, development and general affairs impacting the area in question. The event may have a more specific theme and involve pop-up points or presentations. 

In other words, Asukasfoorumi is an event where residents have the opportunity to discuss the local issues and services with the city administration. The events are therefore a good opportunity to raise issues relating to the daily life or development of your own area. Questions are collected from residents before the event, and there is also time to spontaneously ask questions and to discuss interesting topics. 

Asukasfoorumi events are open to everyone and do not require prior registration! You can find future Asukasfoorumi events in the event calendar and watch recordings of past events online (Vantaa-kanava). 

Past events: 
2021 Kivistö, Koivukylä 
2020 Simonkylä 
2019 Vapaala, Mikkola 
2018 Tikkurila, Pakkala 
2017 Koivukylä, Martinlaakso' 
2016 Tikkurila, Hakunila 
2015 Nikinmäki, Kivistö 
2014 Myyrmäki, Tikkurila 
2013 Tikkurila 
2012 Martinlaakso, Ilola