After the joint application

This page provides information regarding the publication of the joint application system results and what to do when you either received or did not receive a student place.

Results from the joint application procedure

At the earliest, the results from the joint application procedure will be published on 15 June 2023. The names of students who were accepted will be published on the websites of the educational institutes. Only the names of those students who have consented to making their name public will be published on the website. You will be sent a link to your result letter to the email address entered in the joint application form as soon as the election process has been completed. Additionally, the educational institute will send you a separate decision on being accepted as a student and instructions for how to accept the student place.

Note! If you have not provided an e-mail address in your application or have not given permission for electronic communication, you will receive a letter of results and the decision of the educational institution by letter. 

Accepting a student place

Applicants can accept their student place 15–29 June 2023. In most cases, student places can be accepted electronically. Instructions for accepting a student place vary depending on the education institute, so remember to check the procedure in place in the institute you applied for. You must accept your student place at the latest by 29 June 2023, by 15.00. Remember to accept your place by this deadline! If you do not plan to start your studies, remember to cancel your place by reporting this to your educational institute. 

I did not get a student place

Even if you did not get a student place in the joint application system, you do not need to worry. For those who have completed their basic education, Vantaa offers cancellation places and training options outside the joint application system. The guidance counsellor of your previous school is available at the school after the results are published. If you cannot continue your compulsory education because you do not have a student place, you are obligated to apply to one. 

The National Board of Education will send you a letter if you fail to get a student place in the joint application system. The letter will include information regarding your results and info about your possible placement on a reserve list. The letter will also provide instructions for summer applications. 

Continuous admission to vocational education and to education and training to complete a qualification

You can apply to vocational education also outside the joint application system. For information regarding the available trainings, check the schools’ websites. 

Continuous admission to vocational college Varia in Vantaa. 

You can apply to preparatory education for vocational training in Vantaa, TUVA training, via continuous admission starting from June 16, 2023.  Fill in the application form on the Varia website. 

Additional points for the next joint application round

When you apply to vocational training, you will receive an additional 6 points if you have completed one of the following: voluntary additional basic education, preparatory education for vocational basic education (VALMA), preparatory education for immigrants and foreign-language general upper secondary education (LUVA), or a study module lasting at least one school year in a people's institute.


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