Student meals and menus


Education and trainingStudents

Our educational institutes serve a free of charge meal for the students. The purpose of student meals is to provide students with nutritious and tasty food that meets the nutrition recommendations.

The menu’s incorporate seasonal ingredients and national holidays. Vegetarian food is served to everyone once a week, and there is a vegetarian option available every day. 

The lunch includes: 

  • a main course with side dishes, 
  • a salad or a shred salad and salad dressings, 

  • crispbread or soft bread and a spread, 

  • milk, buttermilk or water. 

Soft bread, cold cuts, fresh vegetables and a fruit are served with soups and porridges. Berry soup is also served with porridge. 

Special diets

Lactose-free milk beverage is available to anyone needing it, but this also requires a special diet notification. A student over the age of 18 or a guardian must use a special diet form to notify the school nurse about the need for special diet for health-related reasons of other causes. The school nurse will inform the kitchen of the special diet. As stated in the form, a doctor’s statement is also needed. The doctor’s statement buts be renewed every year so that we can be certain that the special diet is still suitable. 

The form and instructions for reporting a special diet are also available from the educational institute if necessary. Please note! Varia does not use the student information notification. Varia students should report special diets based on or related to their beliefs, ethics or vegan diet with the form Notification of a special diet at schools and educational institutes in the section: other notes.

Notification of special diet Schools and educational institutions (523098e)(pdf, 158.8 KB)