In the City of Vantaa, the meal service providers are Vantaan Tilapalvelut Vantti Oy, Palmia Oy, Compass Group Finland Oy and JPS Palvelut Oy. Vantaan Tilapalvelut Vantti Oy produces food for most schools and daycare centers.

Up-to-date menus can be found on the service providers’ websites. Separate menus are published for themed meals.

Vantaan Tilapalvelut Vantti Oy’s sites:

  • Daycare centers and shift daycare centers
  • Schools
  • Varia Talvikkitie, Tennistie and Ojahaka

Palmia Oy’s sites:

  • Daycare centers
  • Schools
  • Varia Aviapolis


Snacks on sale in schools

In many of our schools, schoolchildren can buy a healthy and varied snack. A snack is offered when there are ten or more buyers. The length of the students’ school day determines how many days a week a snack is on sale. The snack will help you cope with the last hours of the afternoon as well as your after-school hobbies. Snacks are often sold in the school canteen at two o’clock. The prices for snacks are 0.50€ - 2.00€. For example, fruit, yoghurts, stuffed rolls, etc. are sold as snacks. You can find a list of schools that sell snacks on the city's website.

In many of our schools, snacks are paid with a city card, which you can redeem at Vantaa Info locations. It is a good idea to print the city card application form on the city's website before applying for the card; if necessary, you can also get the form from Vantaa Info. A few schools use other payment methods. Check with your school snack vendor for your school’s practices.

More information

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