Breathe in silence, indulge in timelessness


Vantaalaisten maailmanapa, Pyhän Laurin kirkko seisoo Helsingin pitäjän kirkonkylällä tai Helsingassa, kuten sitä aikana ennen Helsingin perustamista kutsuttiin.

UNESCO may consider the Vatican's St. Peter's Church to be the world's largest church because of its impact and significance, but the centre of the universe for the citizens of Vantaa stands in the Helsingin pitäjän kirkonkylä. Right there where St. Lawrence Church has been standing since 1450.

It was a good place for a church, located on the road running from Turku to Vyborg and close to the salmon-rich Vantaa River. A lot has changed since then, but the church is still in use with services in both Finnish and Swedish.

St. Lawrence burned in 1893, leaving behind only the stone walls and vaults. It was rebuilt in Gothic Revival style with larger windows and a new copper roof. It is the oldest building in Greater Helsinki and is one of the most popular wedding churches in Finland.


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