The fruits of innovation for all the senses


Fazer Experience Vierailukeskuksessa voi viettää vuoden makeimman päivän uusimpaan namuteknologiaan tutustuen.

A company named after a fruit is famous for its headquarters under a warm sun, but in Vantaa we have our landmark surrounded by sweet technology. At Fazer Experience, interesting themes are tied together with the unique architecture, turning the visiting experience into something fresh and different. Well-being and a balance of luxuries are the visitor centre’s main themes, and everyone is welcome to experience Fazer in their own way.

Take a selfie in front of the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre and people might think you were visiting California and that certain company named after a fruit. But on this trip you will savour innovations which are much more sweet.

You can enjoy a guided tour with the Fazer guides. Everyone, whether individuals, families, student groups or companies are welcome to explore Fazer in a whole new, fun and inspiring way. Book your place and experience the familiar Fazer in a completely new way – with all your senses!

Take a satisfying trip to the Fazer Café Fazerila, stock up on goodies in the Fazer Experience store, and get the whole family to play Fazerila’s garden game on your smartphone – maybe on one named after a fruit.

A visit to Fazer Experience is also an ecological choice. Visit Finland awarded the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre with the Sustainable Travel Finland award in October 2020.


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