Fly anywhere in a flight simulator


Suomen Ilmailumuseolla on kahden hangaarin suuruinen kokoelma Suomen ilmailuhistorian aarteita.

“Three, two, one, all engines running, liftoff!” These words echo to the world at the Kennedy Space Center, but in Vantaa these words are just for you.

You can go anywhere in the world and the captain’s seat is vacant in the flight simulator. Will you choose the famous Messerschmitt Bf109 G2 fighter of the Finnish Air Force, the modern twin-engine Piper Aztec, the general purpose Diamond DA42, or are you taking your family to the Bahamas on an Airbus A320 from Finnair’s fleet?

When you come to the Finnish Aviation Museum you can enjoy a two-hanger collection of aircraft from the entire history of Finnish aviation, including such aeronautical items as engines, propellers, gauges and scale models.

When hunger strikes you can come to Café Yläpilvi instead of waiting for your in-flight snack. Yläpilvi is the Finnish name for high-altitude tropospheric clouds. Kick back in the 1960s-era seats from a Convair Metropolitan and imagine looking down on the clouds from above as you fly off to sunny Spain – or to beautiful snowy Finland.


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