After upper secondary education


Education and trainingStudents

Completing a matriculation examination or a vocational basic degree entitles the student to continue their studies in universities and universities of applied sciences.

Applying for institutes of higher education

Students can use the same application form to apply for both universities of applied sciences and universities through the joint application procedure. The form is available at Information related to the application process are compiled in the same pages.  

Primarily, the joint application procedure contains all higher education leading to a degree. However, institutes of higher education can apply separate application procedures for some of their education programmes, for example for studies targeted at certain special groups. The joint application procedure is held twice a year, in spring and in autumn. 

In most institutes of higher education, you can also use the open application channel to apply as a degree student. You can check the application instructions and election criteria from the higher education institutes’ own websites.

Guidance for choosing a profession and finding a job

Ohjaamo Vantaa. Ohjaamo One-Stop Guidance Center is a multidisciplinary guidance and advice service for 15–29-year-old people requiring no advance appointment. You can come and visit Ohjaamo without an appointment from Monday to Friday 12.00 noon – 16.00 if you have any questions about matters such as education, work, personal finances, health or recreation. Ohjaamo’s address is Lummetie 2 b C.

Higher education graduated share their working life storied on tö website

Applying for a job

If you do not have a job at the end of your studies, register as an unemployed job seeker with TE Services as soon as possible. 

The local TE services give you information on job vacancies, training, matters related to your studies, how to fund your studies and about different professions and the training needed for them.

More information on the TE services > 

Work or study abroad

There are many exchange programmes and job opportunities for young people abroad. Click on the links below to browse the various opportunities available to you.