Welcome to Vantaa Innovation Festival week! The City for All webinar will take the audience to Vantaa's social innovations, which promote involvement and wellbeing in the city.

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Webinar: City for All – Social Innovations for Participation and Wellbeing

Contents of the webinar (CET)

At 9:00, Welcome! Participation and decreasing segregation in Vantaa

Sari Multala, Chairman, City Executive Board
Riikka Åstrand, Deputy Mayor, Urban Culture

At 9:10, Participatory Vantaa -programme

  • osallistuvavantaa.fi platform increases digital opportunities to participate
    - Mari Lehtoruusu, Participation Specialist
    - Anna Broberg, COO, Co-founder, Mapita Oy
  • Influential Day: children and young people taking part
    - Milja Inkeroinen, Participation Coordinator

At 9:30, How to prevent segregation? Vantaa’s Regional Programme of Positive Action

Riikka Åstrand, Deputy Mayor, Urban Culture
Timo Kauppinen, Research Manager, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare 
Hannele Sorri, Project Designer, Youth Services

At 9:55, Social innovations: increasing the wellbeing of Vantaa residents through co-operation

Ritva Viljanen, Mayor of Vantaa

  • Shared Table model combining surplus food logistics and social wellbeing
    - Hanna Kuisma, Manager, Shared Table
  • Integrating parents into education and working life project 
    - Minna Perokorpi-Sulin, Project Manager, Pedagogical Development Specialist, Careeria
  • Support person service tackling youth unemployment
    - Kirsi Sulaoja, Project Manager
  • Co-operation between the city, NGO’s and companies: Myyräncolo, Tsempparit project for employment

At 10:30, Thank you!


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There will be three webinars on the subject during the Innovation Festival. The language of the webinars is English. The webinars are open to everybody and free of charge.

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