Welcome to Vantaa Innovation Festival week! The Learning City webinar addresses digital education and life-long learning. Internationality, myriad innovation projects, and investments into digital education are Vantaa’s sources of pride!

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Webinar: Learning City – Digital Education and Continuous Learning

Contents of the webinar (CET)

At 9:00, Welcome! Digital learning in Vantaa

Antti Lindtman, Chairman of the City Council
Katri Kalske, Deputy Mayor, Education and Learning

At 9:10, The digital learning path from early education to secondary upper education in Vantaa

Minna Vänskä, Project Specialist, Early Childhood Education
Jenni Sipola, Teacher, Comprehensive Education
Anna Meriluoto, Lecturer, Vantaa Vocational College Varia

At 10:25, DigiOne – the new Digital Ecosystem in Learning

Kirsi Lehto, Project Director

At 9:40, 

Continuous Learning – how the citizens and organizations learn, how can we tackle labour shortage?

  • Digi-Flash and Big Flash: Rapid experimentations with emerging technologies
    - Katri Kalske, Deputy Mayor, Education and Learning

    - Antti Liljaniemi, Project Manager, Senior Lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

  • Urban Growth Vantaa: co-creating and testing new technology solutions while developing a local skills ecosystem
    - Lotta Alajoki, Project Specialist, Urban Growth Vantaa
  • Vantaa Capacity Campus, future hub of continuous learning and local innovation test environment
    - Ulla Boer, Project Manager, Vantaa Capacity Campus

    - Ari Ranki, Director of Upper Secondary Education

At 10:10, Talent Vantaa – international experts Talent Boost network

Santeri Raappana, Project Specialist, Talent Vantaa

At 10:30, Thank you! 


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