Planning programme 2023–2025 and planning review 2023


Urban planning

The 2023 planning programme helps realise the focuses of the city strategy: financially sustainable and vibrant city, good resident-oriented services, preventing inequality and ensuring carbon neutrality.

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The main focus of urban development in Vantaa is, in accordance with the council strategy, on the development of city centres. The city centres will be developed as diverse areas of housing, services and workplaces. The aim of the planning is sustainable land use, an urban block structure and a pleasant local environment, where walking, cycling and public transport are the most natural ways of moving around. More than 80% of the new residential floor area planned for 2023 is located in the public transport zone.

In the next few years, the new housing plan production will focus on Kivistö, Myyrmäki and Aviapolis, but there will also be large projects in Tikkurila, Hakunila and Korso. Local detailed plans for workplace projects are being prepared in cooperation with businesses for both private and city-owned land. A special goal for the planning programme period is to increase the planning of single-family housing and to develop Vantaa as a city of cosy areas with single-family housing. As the city grows, sufficient provision of service plots must also be ensured. The planning programme includes several plans to enable new daycare centres, schools and other service facilities. In addition, space will be reserved for various leisure projects that will enliven the city centres.

In the area affected by the Vantaa Light Rail, several detailed plan projects are underway that will enable the development and complementary construction of the city centres, and the detailed planning of the Light Rail’s street areas will also continue.

The preparation of the planning programme has been guided by the following strategic goals, among others:

  • Resource-wise and carbon-neutral Vantaa by 2030
  • The city centres and old suburbs will be developed.
  • MAL objectives will be reached (cooperation on land use, housing and transport).
  • The number of single-family homes completed will increase to 550.
  • The planning of the Vantaa Light Rail City will proceed comprehensively in accordance with the boundary conditions approved by the City Council.

Planning programme

The planning programme is a document that guides planning. However, the programme is not just a technical chart; it is based on a city-sized view of the direction in which Vantaa is being developed and built.

The planning programme roughly outlines the planning projects for 2024–2025, which will be further specified in future planning programmes.

The Urban Environment Committee approved the planning programme on 17 January 2023. The planning programme presents the planning projects scheduled for completion in 2023 and their timetables.

Planning review

At least once each year, local authorities must draw up a review of all planning matters that are or will in the near future become pending (Section 7 of the Land Use and Building Act). In Vantaa, topical planning projects are presented on the website and in the planning review in the March issue of the residents’ magazine Asukaslehti, which is delivered to every home. The review briefly explains the planning issues for 2023 and shows their locations on the map.

The planning review is based on the planning programme. In addition to this year’s planning, the programme also looks to the future. It is prepared for 2023–2025.


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