Participation and influencing opportunities at school


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School students have an opportunity to influence school and class matters while also gaining experience in taking responsibility and managing common matters. At school, students learn skills such as social skills, participation in shared decision-making process, goal setting and influencing.

Oppilaat istuvat pöydän ääressä ja katsovat yhdessä tietokoneen ruutua.

A prerequisite for developing a school’s operational culture is a respectful, open and interactive discussion that is inclusive to all community members and builds trust between them. The students are taking part in planning and developing the school operations in accordance with their development level, and they gain the experience of being heard and becoming valued members of a community.

Peer support operations

Peer support operations are voluntary activities where students at a same school offer peer support to other students in the school’s daily life. The objective of peer support operations is to promote good peer relationships and school enjoyment, increase solidarity and encourage the creation of safe and positive atmosphere at school.

Student board operations

All schools in Vantaa have a student board comprising the school’s students. The student board’s duty is to promote the student body’s joint activities, influencing opportunities and participation at school. The objective of the operations is to inspire the students to present their perspectives, take action and influence their own and joint matters. Together with other structures and methods supporting participation in the school and the municipality, student board operations offer chances of improving democracy skills in practice.

Vantaa Youth Council

Young people in Vantaa elect representatives from among the 13–18-year-old city residents for the Youth Council every two years. The Youth Council promotes causes important to children and youth by means such as submitting initiatives, organising events and representing children and young people in various city committees.

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Influential day

Influential Day is the City of Vantaa's own process for involving children and young people. The preliminary tasks address the theme of the year in all schools and educational institutions. The process culminates in an event at City Hall, where pupils and students representing schools and educational institutions bring issues of importance to children and young people to the attention of city decision-makers. Influential Day plays an important role in promoting the inclusion of children and young people in the City of Vantaa. Read more from