Recreation camps

The Kukonnotko Recreation Camp in Heinola and the Palajärvi Recreation Camp in Vihti provide an excellent setting for camping, socialising, relaxation, training courses and private events.



Recreation camp reservations

The recreation camp facilities are mainly rented out to local youth and pre-teen work organisations and recreational organisations (culture and sport). 

The facilities are reserved via the Timmi reservation system. 

Cancelling reservations 

You cannot cancel a reservation via Timmi. Please cancel your reservation by sending an email to the address below. 

Terms of cancellation: 

more than 30 days before the event, no cancellation fee 
30–15 days before the event, 25% of the reservation price 
14–8 days before the event, 50% of the reservation price 
7–0 days before the event, 100 % of the reservation price 

Kukonnotko Recreation Camp

The Kukonnotko Recreation Camp is an accessible recreation camp located approximately150 kilometres from Vantaa, on the north side of Heinola. The camp is open year round. The idyllic environment offers a great setting for various types of events and activities. Kukonnotko is ideal for organising camps, camp schools, courses, workplace well-being activities, company events, family parties and other events.

Kukonnotko offers excellent opportunities to enjoy nature. The area has fields for playing football, basketball and volleyball as well as a nature trail.

Use the service map to explore the location of the Kukonnotko Recreation Camp.

Kukonnotkon leirikeskus

The Kukonnotko Recreation Camp is located in Heinola, approximately 150 kilometres from Vantaa. 

Kukonnotko Recreation Camp 
Vehkalahdentie 166 
19250 Syrjäkoski 

More information and catering services: 
JPS Palvelut Oy 
tel. 044 562 595 

For more information, please contact Vantaa’s youth services. You can find the contact details below. 

Palajärvi Recreation Camp

The Palajärvi Recreation Camp has good facilities for playing sports and games and boating. The area has a lakeside sauna, jetty, boats, hobby room, indoor playground, small football field, and campfire site. The Palajärvi Recreation Camp is located in the municipality of Vihti, near Veikkola. The place is located approximately 45 kilometres from Vantaa.

Use the service map to explore the location of the Palajärvi Recreation Camp.

Palajärvi Recreation Camp

Palajärvi Recreation Camp 

Palojärven Metsätie 69 A 
02880 Veikkola 

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