Order a book set from the library for the whole family


Do you find it hard to discover new and interesting books? Why not try the Book Set for Families service?

Vantaa City Library's new Book Set for Families service makes it easier to add reading into your busy everyday life. You can select the topics you want to read and the age range of the readers through an online order form, after which you can pick up your book set from your local library or a mobile library bus. 

– We want to lower the threshold for using the library and provide even better services for families with children. The book sets make it easier to add reading into your busy everyday life, says Pauliina Eriksson, a specialized librarian who developed the service.

Books can be ordered in Finnish, Swedish, English or Russian. It is possible to order books in other languages too, such as Arabic or Albanian. 

Find out more about the service at helmet.fi/booksets or ask your local library for more information.


This article was also published in Resident magazine 1/2023. Read the other articles on the resident magazine home page!


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