Vantaa assembles female directors of health-care start-up companies from all over the world


The City of Vantaa will host a global online event, targeted at female-led start-ups.

Person is operating on the futuristic hologram board.

The Global-EU Women Entrepreneurs & Innovators in Health Sector event joins start-ups and top mentors. The joint opening introduces the Finnish health-technology start-up field and reviews the potentials of global mentoring. After the opening day, chosen businesses and mentors nominated for them will together refine and develop the business ideas submitted by growth-oriented businesses into more practical ones.

The City of Vantaa and its 6Aika partners Helsinki, Espoo and Oulu invite female-led, promising health-sector start-ups for mentoring. The aim is to support the businesses’ development and to promote founding of new start-ups with the help of international and experienced mentors. Another aim is to support increased female entrepreneurship in such a special business as the health-technology industry.

One hundred applicants from all over the world will be chosen for mentoring through an open application that will end on April 15, 2021.

The opening event preceding mentoring is on April 27, and it is open to everybody interested. Advance enrollment is, however, required, and that ends on April 19, 2021.

Vantaa brings GlobalStartupCities to Finland

Meetings between women entrepreneurs consist part of the activities of the GlobalStartupCities network. GlobalStartupCities promotes cities’ networking and combining the ecosystems of their start-up businesses. At the same time, the network strives to support creation of innovations all around the EU, in cities of all sizes. The City of Vantaa joined the GlobalStartupCities network a year ago.

Vantaa Mayor Ritva Viljanen acts as a patron of the GlobalStartupCities networks’ female entrepreneurship theme. In the Global-EU Women Entrepreneurs & Innovators in Health Sector event, mayor Viljanen will also talk about Vantaa's Women Action Plan program.

The Global-EU Women Entrepreneurs & Innovators in Health Sector event is the GlobalStartUpCities network’s very first event in Finland.