Vantaa mayor’s vacancy to open on August 1, 2023


In its meeting on February 27, the city executive board declared Vantaa mayor’s vacancy open as of the beginning of August. The meeting also ratified the letter of intent on Vantaa and Kerava's cooperation as employment authorities.

Vantaa mayor’s position becomes open on August 1, when mayor Ritva Viljanen retires. The vacancy will be open until further notice as of March.

Korso sports hall's and Jokiniemi learning campus’ new-building needs assessments were approved.

The city executive board approved the needs assessments of North-east Vantaa’s sports hall and the two new buildings in Jokiniemi learning campus.

North-east Vantaa’s sports hall is a new-building project consistent with Vantaa's sports hall analysis, completed in 2020. The new sports hall will serve the leisure and instructional needs in the Korso area. The sports hall is included in the City of Vantaa’s service-network plan.

Growth Services’ new premises constitute part of the development of Municipal Services’ service network as well as the development of Jokiniemi in Tikkurila. The office building will accommodate altogether 350 people in addition to premises for service concepts generated together with the city's interest groups.

Learning campus’ new building - upper secondary education, adult education center, and basic education for adult premises are needed to offer sufficient and high-quality instruction premises for a growing number of students. The building will accommodate altogether 2,614 Vantaa Vocational College Varia, Vantaa Adult Education Institute, and Tikkurila High School students.

Local detailed plans for Vantaa light rail progress to city council

After voting, the city executive board approved the Vantaa light rail alterations to local detailed plans concerning Hakunila, Kuninkaala, Hakkila, and Vaarala. The alterations to the local detailed plans were submitted for the city council's approval.

The alteration to the local detailed plan for downtown Hakunila prepares for Vantaa light rail by designating sufficient street space for the infrastructure and street environment that the light rail requires. Part of the industrial and storage building block, park area, and area for local outdoor recreation will be turned into a street area.

The alteration to the local detailed plan enables further development of the area in future alterations to local detailed plans.

 The alteration to the local detailed plan for Kuninkaala and Hakkila also prepares for the light rail by designating sufficient street space for the infrastructure and street area required for the light rail. Some of the office building, industrial, and storage building blocks, as well as areas for local outdoor recreation will be turned into street areas. 

Also, the Vaarala alteration to the local detailed plan prepares for Vantaa light rail. Several blocks as well as park area will be partly turned into street area.

Likewise, the local detailed plan for Vaarala's Hopeatie as well as the alteration to it aim to designate sufficient space for the infrastructure and the related environment required for Vantaa light rail.  The street area will account for continuity of the ecological connection by maintaining the forestry along the streets. The plan will also account for protection of groud water and protection against noise.

The meeting’s itemized decision register is attached as an appendix. You will find the agenda and minutes of the meeting online at: