Virtual recruitment event UusiDuuni 2021 brings together jobs and employers in the metropolitan area



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The biggest recruitment event of the autumn, UusiDuuni 2021, will take place on 3 November 2021. UusiDuuni 2021 is the first joint recruitment event between the employment services of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa, Uusimaa TE Services as well as the education consortiums Helsinki Vocational College, Varia and Omnia.

UusiDuuni 2021 -recruitment event.

UusiDuuni 2021 brings together around 100 employers from a wide range of sectors to showcase vacancies and search for employees. (Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Marketing)

The aim of the event is to connect jobs and people in an efficient, accessible way and to offer a variety of job and training opportunities.

The event will take place on the virtual platform Liveto, with a virtual stand reserved for each employer. Although there is no physical contact, the event will be an interactive event, with the aim of personal encounters. During the event, employers will have the opportunity to interview jobseekers in person and jobseekers can book a one-to-one interview with employers of their interest.

Many opportunities to find a job

UusiDuuni 2021 will bring together around 100 employers from a wide range of sectors to showcase vacancies and search for employees. The vacancies are professional or performance jobs; they do not necessarily require training or previous work experience. You can participate in workshops and CV clinics on different topics or listen to interesting employer presentations and success stories. The event will also provide an opportunity to learn about the wide range of competence development and employment services offered by training providers Omnia, Helsinki Vocational College and Varia, and to hear about apprenticeship options for employment and training.

Invitations to UusiDuuni 2021 have been sent to over 42,000 unemployed people in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The event itself can accommodate 3,000 jobseekers.

Aiming for employment

The idea for the UusiDuuni recruitment event came from Employment Espoo’s Event Coordinator Tarja Halttunen. “The employer and jobseeker markets are very similar in the metropolitan area. Why not combine the resources, competence and assets of Espoo, Helsinki and Vantaa?” ponders Halttunen. “By joining forces, we can make a recruitment event that best serves all participants,” Halttunen adds. When all those who were asked to participate in the event gave the green light to Halttunen’s idea, the planning of the event got off to a flying start.

“Expectations for the event are high, especially in terms of employment. We hope to see plenty of encounters between jobseekers and employers that lead to recruitment on the day of the event itself or to follow-up discussions at the very least,” says Tarja Halttunen. “I sincerely hope that UusiDuuni will continue, grow and develop in the future,” Halttunen adds with optimism.

The UusiDuuni 2021 event is organised by the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo, Uusimaa TE services, Helsinki Vocational College, Varia and Omnia.