Vantaa to prepare for TE24 reform


The act on transferring employment and economic development services to municipalities was ratified by the parliament yesterday.

This meas that the responsibility for arranging employment and economic development services—that is, TE services—is permanently transferred to municipalities as of January 1, 2025.

The TE24 reform is one of the Marin government's reforms and its purpose is to make jobseekers and employers better find each other, which will be much easier when employment services, municipal training services, as well as economic development services are the responsibility of one and the same organizer. Municipalities are in a good position to offer targeted and tailored services that meet the needs of customers and local labor markets.

From municipal trial to established model

Vantaa has participated in a municipal employment trial since March 2021, together with Kerava. During the trial, Vantaa and Kerava have arranged, among other things, employment management for under-30-year-olds, foreign-language speakers, and the long-term unemployed.

The act on the TE24 reform stipulates that a municipality can independently arrange its employment services, provided that the region’s labor force comprises at least 20,000 people. At the moment, Vantaa is independently preparing the TE24 reform and its permanent transfer to the city’s own responsibilities, whereas Kerava will decide on the progress of the TE24 reform in February - March. 

“It is likely that we will conduct contractual cooperation with Kerava also in the future. After the initial challenges, the municipal trial has progressed very well, and our joint trial will, in any way, continue till the end of 2024,” says acting employment services director Eija Väätäinen.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland (MEAE) requires that Vantaa and other municipalities’ plans for arranging employment services be delivered to MEAE by the end of October, after which the government will decide—on the basis of the plans—on the areas that will be responsible for arranging TE services from the beginning of 2025.

Vantaa aims at top employment and economic development services

Vantaa’s goal is to create effective services that combine local businesses, jobseekers, and educational institutions. In the future, employment and economic development services would be part of Vantaa’s Jokiniemi learning-campus project, which is one of the key projects in Vantaa's strategy. The learning campus is scheduled to be completed at the end of the 2020s.

“We aim to have the best employment and economic development services, as well as integration and location services, in the country in the future. This is the goal we are working on now,” Väätäinen sums up.

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