Royal sparkle


Håkansbölen historia on taatusti yhtä värikäs kuin Buckinghamin. On yritetty ja erehdytty, kehitetty uutta ja pudottu kelkasta ja kuninkaankin on nähty käyskentelevän kartanon mailla.

Does the republic equalize? Do you miss the royal sparkle? It can be found in Håkansböle. The history of Håkansböle is guaranteed to be as colorful as that of Buckingham.

Finland was part of Sweden for about 800 years. In 1775 the Swedish King Gustav III was making a tour through his eastern dominion and stopped at the Håkansböle manor to meet his good friend Johan Sederholm. The king had a delightful picnic in the beautiful Finnish countryside before continuing his tour. To commemorate the royal visit Sederholm built a gazebo, which is still standing.

The main attraction of the area is the manor house, which was built in 1908 by the architect Armas Lindgren. The collection of buildings and parkland is classified by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities as a nationally significant cultural environment. Håkansböle Manor is owned by the City of Vantaa, administered by the Vantaa City Museum and is open for visitors. Now you can stop by for a visit and picnic just like the Swedish king did about 250 years ago.


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