Along the wolf's paw into the wilderness


Sudentassu -silta ylittää Vanhan Porvoontien siinä missä Navajo Bridge Coloradojoen.

The pride of Arizona, the Navajo Bridge may be 277 meters long and crosses the Colorado River, but Sudentassu (Wolf’s Paw in Finnish) in Vantaa runs at an altitude of 20 meters, crossing Old Porvoo road. The 126-meter steel girder bridge leads the nature lover from one cliff to another and allows easy access to the Sipoonkorvi wilderness.

Sudentassu has a five-metre-wide deck made of pressure-treated wood. The bridge itself is weather-resistant corten steel and has railings decorated with images of the flora and fauna of the area. It opened at the end of 2019 to help all the nature lovers who descend upon Vantaa every year.

The Sudentassu bridge itself is a sight to see, but it is also functional as it can take you from the beautiful Kuusijärvi lake over to the Sipoonkorpi National Park. Sipoonkorpi is one of Finland’s newer parks, having been established in 2011. It is covered by spruce forests and wetlands and is home to a rich bird population which attracts bird watchers to the Byabäcken river valley.

So come hike Sipoonkorpi National Park, spot some birds, enjoy the nature, and then walk across the Sudentassu bridge to the Kuusijärvi café, where you can relax with a nice treat. Or if you want to do it the Finnish way, you buy a ticket to the smoke sauna and let the soft steam wash away the stress of the trip.


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