Health counseling

Health counseling on weekdays at 8-16

One-stop health counseling in Vantaa
tel. 09 839 10023
available on weekdays from 8 to 16

  • When you call the health counseling number, you will be talking with Vantaa's health care professionals.
  • You can call the health-counseling number and ask general questions about health such as allergies, vaccines, or respiratory infections.
  • You can also ask whether your concern is of such nature that you should go to the doctor's.
  • In addition to general counseling, you will get information about Vantaa's health services; for instance, you can ask which your own health center is.
  • Furthermore, you can call the counseling number to cancel an appointment with a health-center doctor or nurse.

Note! If you want to make a new appointment, you will have to contact health centers’ appointment service on weekdays at 8:00-12:00, tel. 09 839 50000.

Health counseling outside office hours

In case of urgencies outside office hours, you can contact Peijas Hospital health center on-call service, tel. 09 471 67060
– weekday evenings and nights at 16–08
– weekends and holidays round-the-clock.

Health center on-call service assesses the need for and urgency of care. In non-urgent cases, customers should always primarily contact other phone counseling numbers during office hours.

Other health-care counseling services

The one-stop counseling and appointment number for Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics serves counseling bureau customers, tel. 09 839 25900. The phone service is available Mon-Thurs at 8-15 and Fri at 8-13. You can also utilize the call-back service.

The customer guidance unit serves and refers elderly customers. When required, the unit analyzes the need for service. You can call 09 8392 4202 (Mon-Fri at 9–15) or send email to: palvelutarpeen.arviointi(at)

In life-threatening cases, always call the emergency telephone number 112.