Health counseling

Health counseling on weekdays at 8-16

All health center services available by appointment

Because of the coronavirus situation, you can conduct business at a health center only by appointment. The centralized service telephone number 09 839 50 000 will no longer be in use.

New telephone numbers starting on 15 December 2020

  • Hakunila and Länsimäki Health Centers 09 839 35928
  • Korso and Koivukylä Health Centers 09 839 35923
  • Martinlaakso Health Center 09 839 35924
  • Myyrmäki Health Center 09 839 35925
  • Tikkurila Health Center 09 839 35926

By calling you can

  • make an appointment with a nurse or doctor
  • receive health counseling; when a problem requires you to visit a doctor, and, for example, advice on how to treat a common cold. 

An assessment of the customer’s need for care will be made over the phone; he/she will get advice on self-care or an appointment for him/her will be made with a nurse or doctor. 

Cancelations of appointments made shall be made by sending a text message to 040 574 4555. You must cancel your appointment at the latest on the day of the appointment by 8. The cancelation text message shall include the customer first and last name, date of birth, as well as the date and time of the appointment to be canceled. You can also cancel an appointment by calling 09 839 50 000 on the day before your appointment by 16. 

Health counseling outside office hours

In case of urgencies outside office hours, you can contact Peijas Hospital health center on-call service, tel. 09 471 67060
– weekday evenings and nights at 16–08
– weekends and holidays round-the-clock.

Health center on-call service assesses the need for and urgency of care. In non-urgent cases, customers should always primarily contact other phone counseling numbers during office hours.

Other health-care counseling services

The one-stop counseling and appointment number for Maternity and Child Welfare Clinics serves counseling bureau customers, tel. 09 839 25900. The phone service is available Mon-Thurs at 8-15 and Fri at 8-13. You can also utilize the call-back service.

The customer guidance unit serves and refers elderly customers. When required, the unit analyzes the need for service. You can call 09 8392 4202 (Mon-Fri at 9–15) or send email to: palvelutarpeen.arviointi(at)

In life-threatening cases, always call the emergency telephone number 112.