Vantaa Light Rail

Vantaan ratikka havainnekuva

Vantaa Light Rail connects the eastern districts of Hakunila and Länsimäki to the metropolitan rail network and creates a direct connection to Tikkurila, Aviapolis and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The new light rail connection makes it possible to develop the eastern parts of the city in a totally new way and link them more strongly to the network of urban centres.


The City Council of Vantaa decided on December 16, 2019 that the further planning of Vantaa Light Rail can continue based on the general plan, provided that the Finnish government commits itself to 30% of the planning and implementation costs. In the further planning will be decided the local detailed plan amendments, outlines for street plans, as well as the construction plans. After the planning process, an investment decision will be sought from the City Council circa 2023. Then, the construction could begin in 2024 and the light rail would be available for use in 2028 at the earliest.

Vantaa Light Rail in a nutshell

  • Route length: 19.3 kilometres
  • Average distance between stops: 800 metres
  • Average speed: 25 km/h
  • Headway: 5 minutes during rush hours, otherwise 10-20 minutes
  • Service hours: 04:30-01:30
  • Passenger capacity per car: 150 (for buses: 66)
  • Projected number of passengers in 2030: about 82 000 per day


In Autumn 2018, an online survey on the light rail was opened. The online survey was available on October 3-30, 2018. In addition, four meetings with residents were arranged in Länsimäki, Hakunila, Tikkurila, and Aviapolis. In the future, residents can influence the planning process in connection with the local detailed plan amendments and street plans.

Other light rail lines

In addition to Vantaa Light Rail, the city is also making preparations for other possible light rail lines. For example, the draft of new local master plan includes light rail connections from Jumbo shopping centre towards Helsinki and from Pakkala towards Myyrmäki. Preparations are also made for transforming the current bus line 560 into a light rail line.