Information for ISV Parents & Guardians

If the student gets ill the guardians must inform the classroom teacher or the homeroom teacher about it as soon as possible. School laws oblige the teachers to manage the absences and inform the guardians about unauthorized absences. The guardians should follow their child’s absences on the internet using Wilma and they can also clear one day absences on the internet. Guardians can also send messages to the teachers via Wilma. Guardians receive the passwords for Wilma from the school secretary via email.

Guardians must always apply for permission for any absences from the school for other reasons, such as private vacation. Parents must make a holiday request on Wilma in the Applications and Decisions section. Classroom teachers and homeroom teachers can permit a maximum of three days of absence and requests for longer absences are automatically directed to the principal. We hope that longer vacations would be scheduled within the school holiday times. If a vacation is required during school time, the student is responsible for collecting and completing the work missed during these days.


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School Meals

Every day, the school provides the student with a free meal. The purpose of the school lunch is to offer the student a complete and tasty meal that meets nutritional recommendations. It is the responsibility of both those who are enjoying their lunch as well as the lunch supervisors that school lunches are pleasant and peaceful mealtimes that are afforded enough time. School meals are an integral part of the school education and teaching activities. Lunch is provided by Palmia and the menu follows the Vantaa city school menu.


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