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International School of Vantaa

The International School of Vantaa was founded in 1992. The language of instruction is predominantly English. We provide schooling for those children whose home language is English or who have sufficient fluency in English to cope in the classroom.

Our school is unified, consisting of grades 1-9 with approximately 600 students.

One of our aims is to produce competent, self-motivated students who can function in an international environment and cope in English.

The general framework is determined by the Finnish National Board of Education with our school developing its own tailor-made curriculum within these parameters. We incorporate many subject areas into thematic units, which give students an opportunity to build on their own strengths and learning styles.

French, Spanish, Swedish and German are offered as electives starting from grade 4. Swedish instruction begins in grade 6 as a compulsory course. Our selection of students for the school is based upon oral and/or written assessment in English. Our school accepts predominantly children living in Vantaa. Parental and professional support contributes to meeting our school mission.

Our school premises is located in Kartanonkoski. The building also includes a daycare center and a public library.


International School of Vantaa