ISV School Rules

School rules


  1. At school we follow these school rules and the current Finnish legislation.


  1. These rules apply during school times on school grounds and different learning environments as defined by the teachers, as well as during events organised by the school.


  1. Students shall behave in a proper way towards others.


  1. Students shall give themselves and others peace for studying, working and eating.


  1. Students shall not bully, behave in a threatening way or violate others' physical and bodily integrity.


  1. Students will not cause danger to themselves or others through their actions. 


  1. Students shall follow the school's schedule. 


  1. Students shall take good care of their own belongings and shared materials and respect others' property.


  1. Students shall use mobile devices and other devices for learning purposes when given permission by members of the teaching staff. 


  1. Students shall not bring to school such objects or substances that are unnecessary for learning, or that can be used to harm people or property.


  1. Students are not allowed to sell, or in any other way change ownership of anything in the school premises during school hours, except for instances approved by the school, such as bake sales. 


  1. Students shall leave school premises during school hours only with permission from a member of the teaching staff.


In addition to these rules, there are some school practices that students need to follow:

All the students go outside during the 10 o'clock break. All the 1st-5th grade students go outside during the lunch break, too.

Students do not wear hats in classrooms, gym or in the lunchroom.

Students do not wear outdoor shoes in the classrooms, changing rooms or in the gym.


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