Joint application to general upper secondary education and vocational education

Spring 2023 joint application for upper secondary education after basic education will take place on February 21 - March 21, 2023.

You can participate in joint application, if you have finished comprehensive school and you do not yet have a matriculation or vocational qualification, or an academic degree.

High school education provides general education that will give you good facilities for postgraduate studies at universities and higher education institutions. Vantaa high schools’ specialized studies cover sports, the theater, drama, natural sciences, media, music and dance. You can also take the English-language IB Diploma Programme qualification.

Vocational studies aim at a real occupation and workplace, which means that you will have contact with the labor market throughout your studies. Vocational studies provide wide and varied study options. Vantaa Vocational College Varia offers 17 different vocational qualifications on four different campuses.

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Applying during the joint search

Joint application comprises high school education, vocational education, vocational special needs education, TUVA education, TELMA education, as well as adult education colleges’ open education for those subject to compulsory education.

Leave an online application at (application forms only in Finnish and Swedish). On the same online form you can apply for high schools, vocational institutions, or both. You should discuss your choices with a student counselor and your parents before filling in the application.

Fill in the application form

You will find the joint application online form on the Opintopolku website.

Go to

Enter 7 wishes on the form. Enter your wishes in order of your preferences. Even if your points were sufficient for all the study places you entered on the form, you can only be chosen for one: the one you placed highest and for which your points are sufficient.

Save and send your application

When you have sent your application, you will receive a confirmation message to the email address you entered on the application form. The message has a link through which you can go and change your wishes and their order. You can only make changes during the application period, i.e., Feb. 21 - March 21, 2023. After the application period, you cannot make any changes in your application. Send your application at the latest on March 21, 2023, by 15:00.

Check whether any appendices are needed or whether there will be an entrance examination

Check on the educational institution's website or on the website whether the educational institution applied for needs any additional forms, certificates or statements. Deliver the required appendices to the educational institution in time.

High schools’ specialized studies and many vocational institutions arrange entrance or aptitude tests, or require that applicants make preliminary assignments. A separate invitation for entrance examination will not always be sent: check the time of the exam on the educational institution's website.

The preliminary tasks, selection tests and interviews regarding special programs of the general upper secondary school of Vantaa are usually held during April and May. Please check all the information needed from the home pages of the schools.

Important Dates

The selection criteria for vocational schools and general upper secondary schools

The student selection for vocational schools is based on points, whereas for general upper secondary schools the selections are based on the average grade number of the students’ primary school diploma. In case of an identical score between two applicants, the selection is based on the order of the applied schools in their application.