Accidents and insurance in schools and educational institutions

Pupils and students are insured in school and during trips to and from school. The insurance also covers other activities in line with the national curriculum, such as trips, camp school, afternoon activities, and school clubs.

Accidents on the way to school or educational institution are compensated excluding accidents where a car or some other motor vehicle is one of the parties. In these cases, vehicle insurance covers the treatment expenses.  

If a pupil or student has an accident during the school day, they receive first aid at school. If necessary, the pupil or student is sent to the health centre or, in serious cases, directly to hospital. All accidents are reported even if no medical attention is required.   

The insurance covers public health care services. For any treatment(s) given in the private sector, the insurance only compensates the share that the customer would have had to pay at a public sector clinic. Any clothes, watches, mobile phones, and other items damaged in the accident are not compensated. If the accident required medical attention by a doctor, the insurance compensates broken glasses (maximum amount 500 €). 

When accidents occur in schools or educational institutions, a notice of accident is made to the insurance company. The City of Vantaa has insurance in LähiTapiola. When accidents occur, the school, educational institution, and insurance company help guardians in submitting compensation claims. 

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