Preventing and intervening in bullying

Kolme lasta istuu sohvalla koulun sisätiloissa.

Policy action program of preventing and intervening in bullying

At issue is bullying when a child, teen, or adult student is intentionally subjected to repeated and systematic unpleasant treatment by a peer or a group. Bullying can be mental, physical, or social (for example, excluding from a group). It usually entails unbalanced power relations: the bullied child, teen, or adult student is in some ways defenseless compared to the bully or bullies. Arguments and disputes differ from bullying in the respect that they are often momentary and not continuously targeted at the same person. In addition, they often do not entail unbalanced power relations. The key issue, nevertheless, is any person’s own experiences of being bullied.

This action program applies to all service areas of the Education and Learning department, in other words, every daycare center, school, and upper secondary education institution. The service areas will specify the contents of the action program to suit their own specific operating environments. Service units will agree on all concrete operating methods applied. The action program will be integrated into the service units in spring 2022 and taken into use on August 1, 2022. The first assessment will be made at the end of 2022, after which the action program will be assessed at least once per council term.

Measures to prevent bullying

Measures to intervene in bullying