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The Roma population of Vantaa amounts to approximately 2,000 persons. The local Roma People’s Working Group in Vantaa links the minority to municipal operations. The Working Group seeks to promote opportunities for local Roma people to participate in decision-making processes improving their living conditions, together with stakeholders.

The Roma People’s Working Group strives to promote the inclusion and equality of the Roma population. The Working Group addresses Roma issues, promotes interaction between different operators and establishes new practices and partnerships at local level. The aim is also to eliminate the prejudices and stereotypes faced by the Roma people and to actively inform the Roma population on issues concerning them. 

The Working Group consists of representatives of various sectors as well as representatives of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland, the joint parishes of Vantaa, the TE office of Uusimaa, Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak) and the Roma population. The chair of the Working Group is the Director of Library and Resident Services Ulla Virtanen. Malla Laiti from the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland serves as the vice chair. 

The Working Group monitors and addresses current issues at its meetings. If you are interested in activities concerning the Roma people, joining is easy. 

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