Swimwear guide in the City of Vantaa swimming halls


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You can swim in the City of Vantaa swimming halls in swimsuits made of swimsuit material, bikinis, swimming trunks, full-body swimsuit, short-hem full-body swimsuit, and swimming shorts.

The swimsuit must be user safe. It may not cause, for example, a risk of clinging and it may not have loose parts that could block the airways.

Swim only in swimwear

Swimming trunks.

Swimming trunks

Swimming shorts.

Swimming shorts

Bathing suit.


Burkini. Hemline above the knees.

Burkini, hemline above the knees

Please do not swim in these



Underwear under swimwear

Underwear under swimwear

Burkini with a too long skirt.

Burkini, too long skirt


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