Continue your studies after comprehensive school – participate in joint application


Joint application is the process of applying for education and training after comprehensive school. The spring joint application process starts on 21 February 2023 and ends on 21 March 2023 at 3 pm. The studies begin in autumn 2023.

Yhteishaku 2022

In the joint application, you can apply for upper secondary education, vocational education, vocational training provided based on the need for demanding special support, TUVA education (preparatory education for programmes leading to an upper secondary qualification), TELMA training (preparatory training for work and independent life), and liberal education programmes intended for persons of compulsory school age organized by folk high schools.

Study in Vantaa

In Vantaa, you can apply to six Finnish upper secondary schools (Lumo, Martinlaakso, Sotunki, Tikkurila and Vaskivuori and private Steiner school) and one Swedish upper secondary school (Helsinge gymnasium). Upper secondary schools offer the International Baccalaureate programme and programmes in natural sciences, sports, media, drama, theatre, and music and dance.

Vantaa offers a versatile selection of vocational training opportunities through joint application. 

Vantaa Vocational College Varia has four locations and provides training for more than 30 professions. At Varia, you have the opportunity to influence your studies. The programmes are practical and include on-the-job learning. Varia graduates have generally found employment without difficulty. 

Other vocational education providers in Vantaa include Mercuria Business School, Careeria and Työtehoseura.

It is also possible to combine vocational education and upper secondary school studies to complete a double degree. Both upper secondary education and vocational education provide eligibility for further studies.

TUVA education is intended for learners who have not completed upper secondary education and who, for one reason or another, need preparatory
education and training. TUVA combines previous additional basic education (10th grade), preparatory education for general upper secondary education and preparatory education for education and training to complete a qualification. 

TUVA education allows you to raise your basic education grades, complete upper secondary and vocational education studies as well as improve your learning skills. When applying for TUVA education, you do not need to yet know whether you want to continue in upper secondary education or in vocational education. In Vantaa, TUVA education is provided in many locations.

Number and order of admission preferences

You can select seven education providers in the application form. Their order is important: select your number one preferred option first. Put your admission preferences in order of priority. Even if your application score is high enough for admission to any of the selected schools or programmes, you can only enrol for one – the top preference.

Good luck with your application!