New TUVA education enables students to decide on their own study paths after basic education


The so-called transition training—that is, training between basic school and upper secondary education studies—will be nationally restructured in August 2022. TUVA education (preparatory education for programs leading to an upper secondary qualification) will commence in Vantaa on August 3, 2022.

Teachers are gathered at school premises.

Future TUVA teachers gathered at the High School of Lumo in May. Photographer: Sercan Alcan

What does TUVA education mean in practice for students?

- Students can raise their basic education grades, take vocational courses and high school studies. Students must me independent and actively participate in making their own study paths, says Johanna Schauman of Vantaa Vocational College Varia.

Compulsory education was extended in 2021. The aim is that everybody completes an upper secondary education certificate. TUVA education is meant for everybody that has not yet competed an upper secondary education degree. TUVA aims to coach students in learning skills required in upper secondary education. You can apply for TUVA training even if you are not sure about what you wish to study after basic school. TUVA education lasts for a year, after which the students, based on their own preferences, will transfer to high school or vocational education.

- During the TUVA year, you can consider and try education options suitable for you, says special needs teacher Perttu Sarala.

The goal is to ensure that every student will have a study path corresponding to their needs and goals. Different learners are accounted for, for example, by enabling studying in multiple learning environments: in addition to the classroom, you can, for instance, learn while working.

After TUVA education begins, training preparing for basic vocational education (VALMA), preparatory training for general upper secondary education (LUVA), and voluntary additional basic education (10th grade) will no longer be arranged, since TUVA combines these education forms.

You can apply for TUVA education in continuous application, which begins on June 17, 2022.


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