Machine translation on to help you understand


Vantaa's website pages can now be machine translated to more than a hundred languages. Machine translations help you understand the contents of the pages, especially when no official translation is available.

Työllisyyspalveluiden neuvonta

You will find the translate button at the top of the page, to the immediate left of official translations. The official languages of the website are Finnish, Swedish, and English.

The translate button is available on computer display; the mobile app only uses the browsers’ own translation functions.

The translate button will show you a machine translation of the text on the page in question. Nevertheless, because a translation made by a machine is at issue, there may be defects and/or mistakes in the translation.

The service is provided by Google Translate. If an official translation is available for the content in question, we highly recommend using it.

More than 120 languages are spoken in Vantaa. The most common foreign language is Russian. At the turn of 2021-2022, as many as 23% of Vantaa residents were foreign-language speakers.

The translate button is available on, as well as on all the theme sites related to it, for example, on Business Vantaa's site.

Vantaa multilingual guidance